Three universities from the United States, China and Italy are launching a joint degree in business administration

Three universities from the United States, China and Italy are launching a joint degree in business administration

During the four-year degree, students spend their first year at their home university to acquire the building blocks of management and financial knowledge. They then take joint courses in Rome (Year II), Beijing (Year III) and Washington DC (Year IV). Students have the opportunity to dive deep into the social and corporate culture of three different continents by experiencing the lifestyles and networking of the capitals.

Through this triple degree pathway, students can earn three degrees, one for each university that is valid and recognized in America, China, and Europe; and strive to hold positions of responsibility in global companies, international institutions, or specialize in top universities. Fees are paid to the home university for the entire duration of the studies.

“The first challenge for the university in 2022 and beyond is the need to internationalize and seize the opportunities of the university landscape globally. The ACE program, along with strategic partners such as Renmin and George Washington University, puts Italy at the center of the international higher education line and is moving in the right direction to meet the need to train global, “future-ready” leaders. is able to work and interact in dynamic and multicultural environments, “he said Luiss Rector Andrea Prencipecontinues: “For us, tracing the ideal thread between Rome, Beijing and Washington DC, in line with our strategic plan and innovative training model, means for us to train professionals with a strong cosmopolitan character and to promote the international mobility of talent.”

«Renmin University of China is one of the best universities in China and the first institution to start business education in the People’s Republic of China. The university has close industrial ties and abundant alumni resources, “he said Liu Wei, Rector of Renmin University of China. «In 2019, Renmin University of China and Luiss University jointly launched the Social Sciences Universities Network (SSUN), the first university network around the world to focus on the humanities and social sciences. ACE is a major milestone for SSUN in exploring innovative talent training models. What sets it apart from the triple degree program is due to the integrated strengths of three world-renowned universities of the social sciences. Graduates from three universities have a strong competitive advantage in the labor market. I look forward to this recently launched program ».

“George Washington University is proud to be a truly global university with community members from around the world and educational opportunities that provide global experience and perspectives in and out of the classroom. Our collaboration with global institutions will play an important role in educating our students for future leaders This innovative model of education enriches the undergraduate experience, and we are grateful to have the opportunity to participate in this unique program, “said the priest. Chris Bracey.

Project partners

University of Luis – Rome

Luiss is a world-class, international university specializing in the social sciences that offers an innovative and global approach to education and trains students of all backgrounds to be critical thinkers and skilled professionals working to improve society. Luiss stands out for its privileged relationship with the business world. Thanks to its links to Confindustria, Italy’s leading association for manufacturing and service companies, more than 200 companies, multinationals and public and private institutions work with the university to offer its graduates and recent graduates the first real opportunity to enter the business world. Luiss also has a strong international profile and collaborates with more than 310 academies and departments in 64 countries.

Renmin University of China – Beijing

Renmin University of China is a comprehensive university focused on research in the humanities and social sciences. It also offers a variety of courses in science, information technology and environmental sciences. The RUC is an important foundation for the training of high-level social and humanities experts and has a number of influential research centers and think tanks. The logo means “people’s university,” “the spirit of humanism,” and “the concentration of the humanities and social sciences.” RUC’s vision is to become a world-class university that equips future leaders, produces cutting-edge research, and promotes global academic exchange.

George Washington University – Washington DC

George Washington University is a private, federally founded research university and the largest college in Washington DC. George Washington University’s mission is to educate individuals in the liberal arts, languages, sciences, professions learned, and other courses and study topics. and to conduct scientific research and publish the results of such research. It fulfills this mission through a wide network of world-class academic opportunities, access, partnerships and policy research initiatives, and uses its knowledge to make an immediate impact.

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