Fans celebrate hockey gold

Fans celebrate hockey gold

The happy people started gathering at the Havis Amanda statue on the Helsinki market square on Sunday morning shortly after Finland won the Russian 2-1 men’s hockey Olympic final in Beijing.

Helsinki City Councilor Pekka Sauri (Green) joined the Helsinki Market Square party, but told Yle that he was also keeping an eye on the 116-year-old monument, which is considered to be especially sensitive to damp, drunken fans.

"I think it will last, and they haven’t climbed on it yet. Maybe people now know to be a little careful," Sauri said.

The statue is a traditional destination to celebrate sporting successes and May Day celebrations. The five-meter-high statue depicts a female figure rising from the sea. Sculptor Ville Vallgren said the statue symbolized Helsinki and the city "rising from the sea".

Sauri said he expects the party to continue well into the night.

"Maybe this will also mark the end of Covid’s isolation? People are outdoors and in a good mood."

Fans in Tampere celebrate Finland’s victory by jumping into the snow at the city’s Central Market.

Source: The Nordic Page




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