Give yourself a chance: Build a career in Denmark, step by step

Give yourself a chance: Build a career in Denmark, step by step

Here are five traits that have helped me build my career in Denmark together with relationships at the highest level.

– Content first position
When I arrived in Denmark, I had very few contacts and a minimal idea of ​​how I could help Danish companies with my skills. I started a blog, but really: I was not aware that it would turn out to be such a powerful tool.

It taught me a valuable lesson: people value good content. By also keeping it fresh, I began to form invaluable relationships with Danish decision makers on LinkedIn.

In time, decision makers in the retail technology industry in Denmark would invite me to meetings to help them in Brazil, the country I primarily focused on. It turned out to be the beginning of everything.

– Follow in the footsteps
I have always been curious about other people’s travels. I love learning what motivates them. To build a relationship with someone I have not spoken to before, I try to find out more from their digital footprint.

Have they written a book? A LinkedIn post? An article? Have they been mentioned in a publication? Have they given a speech, a TED TALK, anything?

It’s all too common for many people to use content on LinkedIn, so looking for their digital footprint has enabled me to learn incredible things about the people I want to build a relationship with.

– Give, give, give. Ask later
What does the above mean? Well, people need help. ALWAYS. But the thing is: there is no visible ‘ROI’ in helping other people.

We have successfully launched and built global partnerships for retail technology companies by facilitating introductions and assisting retail technicians and coms professionals in multiple countries. That’s pretty logical. Nothing beats a warm introduction.

– Put them on stage
Who does not like to stand on the stage? Who does not like to be recognized for their efforts and their knowledge? Who would not want to know that other people will listen to what they have to say?

Creating my STAGE and helping other clients do the same for their clients and partners has proven time and time again how powerful this is.

– Moderately said
Moderating live panels has taught me (still learning, BTW!) How to prepare and speak to top-level decision makers.

On several occasions, I have felt intimidated when I speak to a significant thought leader or business authority, but I keep pinching myself and reminding myself that they are all human beings just like me. It helps me a lot to keep grounded.

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