Putin’s order increases the risk of seizures

Putin's order increases the risk of seizures

The breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk are declared independent by Russia, and these are also areas controlled by Ukraine.

In this, Vladimir Putin sends “peacekeeping forces”, ie Russian military.

– This means that there is now a risk that quite soon there will be a direct contact area between Ukrainian and Russian forces, says Katarina Engberg, security policy analyst.

Larger Russian targets

Russia is threatening sanctions, but this does not affect Putin’s strategy for Ukraine, analysts believe.

– It is about the whole of Ukraine so that he will use this in some way to create a regime change or to encroach more territory from Ukraine, says Jakob Hedenskog, analyst at the Center for Eastern European Studies at the Foreign Policy Institute.

Gudrun Perssonresearch leader at the Swedish Defense Research Agency, Jakob Hedenskoganalyst at the Center for Eastern European Studies at the Swedish Institute of Foreign Policy, Katarina Engbergsecurity policy analyst and doctor of peace and conflict research.

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