Forecast: The number of rechargeable vehicles will grow faster than expected in Finland

Forecast: The number of rechargeable vehicles will grow faster than expected in Finland

The share of all-electric cars is expected to rise to 17 percent this year and the share of rechargeable hybrids to 23 percent of first registrations. In particular, registrations of all-electric vehicles are expected to increase, accounting for about a third of first registrations in 2025 and almost two-thirds in 2030.

The Finnish car fleet is forecast to consist of about 740,000 rechargeable cars by the end of the decade, which means an increase of almost 25 per cent from last year’s forecast of 600,000 cars. The slow turnover of the share – about 22 years – means that there will still be about 2.2 million internal combustion engines in the stock in 2030.

“The propulsion revolution is progressing slowly, even if sales of new internal combustion engines stop in 2035,” the center said.

The Automotive Information Center also recalled that the forecast is dependent on the development of a charging infrastructure, as the lack of home charging facilities and a comprehensive network of charging points will slow electrification.

It estimates that electrification will accelerate significantly in the second half of the decade, due to the increase in CO2 emissions from passenger cars and vans in the European Union. The European Commission has proposed a 55% reduction in average emissions from passenger cars and zero emissions from new vehicles by 2035.

“Electrification is already progressing rapidly with existing measures, including national purchase subsidies, the abolition of car taxes on all-electric and hydrogen cars, and the promotion of low-emission company cars – beyond EU borders,” he said. Tero KallioManaging Director of the Automotive Industry Association.

“Significantly lower operating costs for electric cars than for internal combustion cars contribute to the attractiveness of electric cars. The proliferation of electric and hydrogen cars could be further accelerated with charging infrastructure subsidies and more generous purchases, he added.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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