Donations will benefit Ukraine

Ever since the Russian war against Ukraine began, Finns have made donations to the Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, the organization says.

The closer to home a disaster strikes, the more willing people are to help Marko KorhonenHead of International Emergency Operations at SPR.

Korhonen said that the Finns withdrew in the same way to help the victims of the Balkan wars of the 1990s.

The FRC announced it will launch fundraising for Ukraine in various cities next week.

Korhonen said that the disaster relief will initially be directed at Ukrainians who have been displaced.

"We provide them with a roof over their heads, water, food and medical care," he explained.

Donations to the SPR are primarily channeled to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which cooperates with the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Korhonen said that although the situation in Ukraine has deteriorated rapidly in recent days, the Red Cross has been helping people affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine for years.

"It is not difficult to imagine how hopeless the situation is for civilians trapped in the conflict," he explained.

The Finnish branch of the UN children’s organization UNICEF announced on Friday that it had received 680,000 euros in donations.

Spokesperson for UNICEF Finland Terhi Bruunsaid the rate of arrival of donations has been exceptional.

"We are talking about emergency aid. Families need to get to safety. They need water and school supplies," he explained.

Source: The Nordic Page




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