Finland will send The Rasmus to the Eurovision Song Contest

Veteran pop band The Rasmus is on their way to Eurovision after winning the UMK in Turku on Saturday night with their songs Jezebel.

According to the band, Jezebel is a song "strong, independent women who walk their own path."

A favorite band of bookmakers and media outlets going to the national finals said they were surprised by the competition.

"The performances were so great, we were excited and sweating," the drummer of the band, Aki Hakalasaid. "We are going to have an even better show in Italy and show what we can do."

The Eurovision Song Contest unites

The band members said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine overshadowed the competition, although they said the difficult times also underscore the importance of a singing competition like Eurovision, which brings people together.

The lead singer Lauri Ylönen said he had done a soul search on whether it was appropriate to attend musical performances in the light of current events.

"But at the same time, you need music these days," guitarist Emppu Suhonen said.

The European Broadcasting Union announced on Friday that it would exclude Russia from the Eurovision Song Contest.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Rasmus had one of the greatest international successors ever from Finland. Their biggest hit, In the Shadows, released in 2003, was the best-selling single that broke into the pop charts in many countries.

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Turin, Italy from 10 to 14 June. May. Finland will compete in the second semi-final on May 12.

Source: The Nordic Page




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