The IOC demands that Russia be banned from all international events

The IOC demands that Russia be banned from all international events

On Monday, the International Olympic Committee called for a worldwide ban on Russia and Belarus from all international competitions in protest of the invasion of Ukraine.

The IOC board released a statement facing a “dilemma that cannot be resolved” regarding the exclusion of athletes from Russia and Belarus due to the actions of their respective governments.

“However, the current war in Ukraine puts the Olympic movement in a dilemma. While athletes from Russia and Belarus could continue to participate in sporting events, many athletes from Ukraine are prevented from doing so due to the attack on their country.”

With a “heavy heart”, the IOC released a six-point resolution that in part “recommends that international sports federations and organizers of sporting events do not invite or allow the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials in international competitions.”

Belarus was included in view of its permission by Russia to use the territory as a space for military attacks on Ukraine.

But if legal or logistical roadblocks prevented the ban, the IOC said that Russian and Belarusian participants should be allowed to compete as neutral athletes without a national flag, anthem or logos.

FIFA refused to ban Russia over the weekend from international football competitions, and instead chose to let Russia compete as the Russian Football Federation as punishment. However, Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic have refused to compete against Russia.

UEFA will meet later on Monday and is expected to follow the IOC’s leadership and exclude Russia from competitions.

The IOC also withdrew the Olympic order issued to Russian President Vladimir Putin – and two others – in 2001.

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