The story of the terrorist group IS return

The story of the terrorist group IS return

In January 2022, the terrorist group IS suddenly attacked a prison in the city of Hassakah in Syria, with the goal of releasing IS supporters. It was a several-day battle between IS and Kurdish-led forces that received support from American fighter jets and American soldiers. Young boys who had been child soldiers for IS were taken hostage. Hundreds of people were killed in the fighting. This was one of the largest and most advanced attacks since IS lost its last stronghold in Syria three years ago. IS supporters around the world cheered. Also in neighboring Iraq, IS has killed policemen, soldiers and others who are seen as enemies and traitors by the terrorist group.

The leaders have been killed but IS continues to attack

In February 2022, US special forces raided a house in Idlib, Syria, and killed Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi, the man named IS leader. In 2019, the terrorist group’s most famous leader Abu Bakr al-Baghadi was killed in a similar operation in the same area. But despite the fact that the top leaders have been eliminated, it is not possible to calculate IS. The terrorist group continues to attack targets almost daily in, for example, Syria, Iraq and parts of Africa.

The terrorist group IS is expanding in Africa

Africa is singled out as one of the areas in the world where IS is now expanding its power.
IS-affiliated groups have been behind terrorist attacks and are also trying to control land in, among other places, West Africa. Local jihadist groups have sworn allegiance to IS. Mali, where there is a Swedish military on site, has major problems with jihadists, and as far south as Mozambique there is information about IS contacts. P1’s Middle East podcast describes IS’s global strategy and why the group is still a threat.

Host: Johan Mathias Sommarström, Middle East correspondent

Participants: Cecilia Uddén, Middle East correspondent and Richard Myrenberg, Africa correspondent

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