Yle’s opinion polls show for the first time the majority’s support for Finland’s NATO application

Yle's opinion polls show for the first time the majority's support for Finland's NATO application

According to Yle’s opinion poll, 53 per cent of Finns would support the application to join the NATO military alliance.

28 percent opposed the application, while 19 percent said they were unsure.

An economic survey conducted the survey last week when Ukraine was attacked by Russian troops. The interviews took place between February 23 and 25, and covered the opening days of the attack.

Finland and neighboring Sweden are "enhanced partnership" With NATO and attended the NATO summit on Friday.

On the same day, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned "Finland’s accession to NATO would have serious military and political consequences".

“Tectonic plates” are moving in security policy

The survey represents a historic change in Finns’ attitudes towards NATO membership. Support has grown by about 34 percentage points since 2017, when Yle last asked.

At that time, only 19 per cent of Finns were in favor of NATO membership. The economic survey last asked the question to commercial MTV News in January, when support for NATO membership was 30 percent.

Juho RahkonenThe head of economic research said that the views of Finns have changed radically, and the numbers of support and opposition to NATO membership have changed significantly.

Proponents of the Conservative Coalition were expected to be eager for membership, but a majority supported supporters of all parties except the Left Alliance.

The gender distribution was high: 64% of men were in favor of membership, compared to only 41% of women. However, this represented an increasing number of women, with only 31% expressing opposition to accession.

Source: The Nordic Page




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