Copenhagen one of the world’s most relaxing cities – report

If your friends keep telling you to relax more, then you’re in the right place, as a new report has identified as of the ten most relaxing cities in the .

Compare the market based its ranking on the availability of spas, yoga centers, meditation studios and green areas along with the local .

The has four cities in the top ten and two, leaving very few to the rest of the world.

Copenhagen is the only city in one location it includes 30 in total.

Good for meditation
With 19.6 yoga centers and meditation studies per. 100,000 people became Copenhagen number eight in the survey.

It also had a relatively high proportion of five-star hotels: the fifth largest.

However, it failed below the average score for green areas and the average , and overall it finished as 10th in the rankings.

Florida wins

Orlando, Florida topped the rankings, followed by Wellington, Miami, Marbella and Oakland.

Orland topped the rankings for most spas and most yoga centers and meditation studios (40.6 and 78.0 per 100,000), but came only second for the highest average temperature: about 2 degrees cooler than ‘neighbor’ Miami.

, San Francisco, Sydney, Seattle and Copenhagen finished in the top ten.

Source: The Nordic Page




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