Migri is preparing for a flood of asylum applications from Ukraine

The Finnish Service (Migri) is preparing for an increase in asylum applications from Ukrainian as a result of ’s ongoing invasion of .

The agency has received nearly a hundred asylum applications since the conflict began last Thursday. The number of applications submitted since the beginning of the year is now 108.

By Pekka NuutinenThe head of the Migration Reception Unit, the number of applications is still relatively small.

"Most of them are already made in Finland. Applications have been lodged across the border for about ten," he states.

Nuutinen says that it is difficult to assess the current situation accurately. "More could have crossed the border without applying for official asylum," he adds. Ukrainians are allowed to stay in EU without a visa for 90 days.

The Finnish are also preparing for the flood of Ukrainian refugees.

Local police forces, including those in Ostrobothnia and South-East Finland, have so far received only a few asylum applications, but police expect a significant increase in the number of Ukrainians trying to flee the war in the coming weeks.

Asylum applications can be submitted directly to the police or border control authorities. They are then transferred to Migri for processing.

There are 27 refugee reception centers in Finland, of which 20 are for adults and families and seven for unaccompanied minors.

"More than a thousand accommodations are currently available, but more will be added soon. Reception centers are also preparing for the arrival of Ukrainian refugees," Nuutinen says.

The UN estimates that more than 600,000 Ukrainians have fled their homes since Russia began invading the country.

In addition to preparing for the influx of refugees, Finland also plans to send aid to Ukraine’s neighbor Moldova.

On Twitter, the Finnish Minister of the Interior says that Finland will send temporary housing, such as multi-purpose tents, which can accommodate 4,500 people.

According to Mikkonen, Moldova, considered of the poorest countries in , has already received more than 70,000 asylum seekers from Ukraine.

Source: The Nordic Page

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