Travis Scott – the concert culture and fatal accident at Astroworld

Travis Scott - the concert culture and fatal accident at Astroworld

It is nine o’clock in the evening when the big stage is finally lit up. The light forms a large red portal and above it hovers a huge bird that is licked by flames. The music thunders and at the same time as fire is shot up from the edge of the stage, the great Houston rapper Travis Scott jumps into the spotlight.

It’s November 5, 2021 and visitors to Astroworld are as euphoric as the artists to finally, after almost two years of pandemic, enjoy live music at a festival. The audience sea looks like a big starry sky with thousands of mobiles shining in the dark. This concert has all the prerequisites to become legendary, but the next 70 minutes will instead go down in history as a tragedy.

Travis Scott will later say that he, here and there on stage, does not understand what is going on in the audience. On several occasions, however, he stops the show temporarily. Already 30 minutes into the concert, the music suddenly stops when Travis sees a golf cart with flashing sirens in the crowd. The car is difficult to get to and Travis asks the audience to signal that they are well.

Is everybody good? Put a middle finger up in the sky!

Then the show starts again and those who can start jumping to the music, but the fact is that there are several people who can not move at all. The audience is too tightly packed and when one falls, they fall around like dominoes. Those who can not get up are lying under all feet and no one seems to hear the cries for help.

What’s happening tonight is one of the deadliest concert accidents in many years. Nor is it the first time anyone has been injured during one of Travis Scott’s concerts. The question on everyone’s lips is therefore what responsibility Travis himself bears for the deaths.

P3 Music documentary about Travis Scott is about when hip hop enters the festival scene and the catastrophic consequences of a revealing concert culture.

Participants: Johannes Cakar, Oliver Bergklint Törnros and Amy Harris.

The documentary was made by Hanna Frelin in the beginning of 2022.
Producer Joanna Korbutiak.
Executive Lars Truedsson.
Technician Fredrik Nilsson.
P3 Music documentary is produced by Tredje Statsmakten Media.

Audio clips in the documentary come from Apples broadcast of the concert at Astroworld 2021, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 2018the documentary Look Mom I Can Fly on Netflix, ESPN, Power 106 Los Angeles, Youtube accounts Malluminatireality shows Keeping Up With The Kardashianstwitter account @barbie_VXXV, TMZ, Fox 26 Houston, KHOU11, ABC News, interview with Charlamange da God 2021 and Travis Scott’s own instagram 2021.





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