Coop goes the extra mile to help the Ukrainian people

The owner of the chain, The , has confirmed that they will refuse to sell more Russian goods.

It joins its rival Coop, which is busy finding other ways to help the .

Facilitate quickly into jobs

The first is to ensure that refugees from are welcome to in the Coop, so that they can gain a foothold and support themselves as soon as possible.

“Together with 3F and HK Handel, we have agreed to find a fast and flexible solution that ensures that they can get to work immediately under proper conditions,” says Lotte Hjortlund Andersen, HR director at Coop.

Sending trucks to UkraineSecondly, they provide measures to help those fleeing the war zones of Ukraine.

In response to a call from the Ukrainian Ambassador, Mykhailo Vydoinyk, Coop’s CEO, Kræn Østergaard Nielsen, has confirmed that five trucks are already loaded with everything a family on the run might need: warm blankets, canned , diapers and more.

The company DSV will drive the trucks to Lublin in . Once there, the locals will transport them on to Ukraine.

Source: The Nordic Page

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