Finland’s largest cities are sending 1.5 million euros in humanitarian aid to Ukraine

The aid is provided in the form of goods or funding through the state, a humanitarian aid organization or other reliable partner.

“The war has caused a humanitarian , and aid is now critical for the people in the midst of the war. Cities want to show their support for in this very sad and shocking situation,” the 17 mayors said. joint press release.

The mayors also called on other municipalities to start similar cooperation.

Mayor of (NCP) told me on Tuesday that the capital has decided to suspend its cooperation with the two largest cities in , and St. Petersburg. For example, Helsinki has begun preparations to close down the city-owned Helsinki Center in St. Petersburg.

“We also directly support Ukraine with humanitarian aid in line with the Finnish ’s foreign policy,” he said.

Vartiainen also revealed that the armed conflict in Helsinki requires other measures, such as raising one’s own readiness, preparing to receive refugees fleeing the conflict and directing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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