Marin: Finland must end energy dependence on Russia “as soon as possible”

He also confirmed that the is not making progress with Fennovoima’s project, which is minority owned by the Russian state Rosatom.

Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä (Center) pointed out at the end of last week, that he, as the minister responsible for permitting procedures for the project, is unable to comprehend a scenario in which the project could be submitted to the government for approval.

also revealed on Tuesday that the recent change in the environment has prepared many political parties for a more formal debate on .

“I think it’s very noteworthy that citizens are now looking for answers,” he told the broadcaster. “We don’t have a ready-made rule book on how the process goes. Today, we officially looked at whether there was a willingness to have formal discussions. There is such a will. “

A citizens’ initiative calling for a referendum on membership has received more than 75,000 statements of support since its publication on 21 February. An initiative can be submitted to Parliament that receives at least 50,000 statements of support in six months. YLE said earlier this week that the majority of citizens support joining the Defense League on 23-25. according to a study conducted in February.

Marin stressed Helsingin Sanomat on Tuesday that citizens’ initiatives will be dealt with accordingly, but they are not tools for decision-making in ’s foreign and security policy. While it is clear that the debate on membership issues continues, it has yet to be decided when and how.

“We are assessing what would be the right way and procedure to conduct the discussion as calmly, thoughtfully and organizedly as possible, while assessing what is the most sensible way forward for Finland’s security,” he said.

“That was the view.”

Parliament met last night to look at the change in the security situation caused by the Russian invasion of .

“We knew together that the security policy situation has changed significantly since invaded Ukraine. This is a fact that we must acknowledge, the said. “We didn’t make any final decisions about the processes or anything else [but] simply checked the operating picture and the assessment. “

Marin estimates that it could be possible to consider updating or supplementing, for example, reports defining foreign and security policy, including the official position on NATO. Finland has demanded that it maintain the possibility of joining the Defense League.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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