* NEW * Sect leader Mother Lilly

Lilly and her disciples form the movement Center, which will be called of ’s strangest sects. Lilly claims to be a world savior, but defectors testify that for twenty years she rules with threats and . The children are particularly vulnerable.

When will society step in? Where is the boundary between religious freedom and ? Here is the story of the Mother of God and her disciples who shook Sweden just before the turn of the millennium.


“Susanna”, one of Mother Lilly’s former disciples.

Jonas Bernholm, one of Mor Lilly’s former disciples.

Pether Öhlén, journalist at SR who also helps defectors from sects.

Ingmar Haglund, journalist at Katrineholmskuriren.

Helena , psychotherapist.

Haag, author and journalist.

A documentary by: Joanna Górecka.

Producer: Gustav Asplund.

Executive producer: Jon Jordås.

The documentary is made by the production company Filt, for Swedish .

Published: 2022.





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