Niinistö: A cold head is needed in an acute crisis

Finland’s national security environment is currently underway "rapid and extreme change," Finnish President Sauli Niinistö wrote to the clerk opinion released on Thursday.

The President said that the concern and desire to react to the situation in Ukraine was understandable and added that the effects of the war on Finland’s security and foreign policy were serious.

"However, in the midst of an acute crisis, it is particularly important to keep a cool head and carefully assess the impact of past and possible future changes on security – not without hesitation, but with care." Niinistö wrote.

The president’s statement comes after he met with party leaders on Wednesday, the Commander of the Defense Forces, the Speaker and Vice-Speaker of Parliament, and the chairs of the Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee.

"Our common understanding of shared responsibility has been further strengthened since yesterday," Niinistö told about the meeting.

Source: The Nordic Page





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