Russian fighter jets violate Swedish airspace during military exercises between Finland and Sweden

Four Russian planes violated Swedish on Wednesday, according to information from the Swedish Defense Forces.

Swedish broadcaster SVT reported two Sukhoi SU-27s and two Sukhoi SU-24 fighter jets arrived in Swedish airspace east of the island of in the Baltic , adding that the attack was short-lived.

The Swedish Air Force described the incident "particularly serious" given the current situation and called on to act unprofessionally and irresponsibly.

Russian military often violate the airspace of and , but according to the Swedish Air Force, most of the violations are accidental.

Forces said they had concealed the Jas 39 Gripen fighter in response to the attack and to identify the Russian plane.

The incident happened on the same day that the Defense Forces took part in a joint organized by Sweden in a naval area west of the island of Gotland.

The aim of the exercise was to test and develop the interoperability of the ’ navies and air forces, the Defense Forces said in a press release.

Source: The Nordic Page

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