The Russian attack will cause spikes in flight cancellations

The attack also triggered a collapse in the Russian outbound market. Destinations suffering the most from immediate cancellations 24-26. (300%), Egypt (234%), (153%), the (153%), Armenia (200%) and the Maldives (165%).

Prior to the outbreak of war, bookings for flights departing from Russia in March, April and May had returned to 32 per cent of pre-pandemic levels, and some resorts were doing exceptionally well. Mexico had been a pioneer in flight bookings at 427% of the 2019 level. It was followed by Seychelles 279%, Egypt 192% and Maldives 115%. In the summer months, July and August, travel prospects were significantly stronger, with flight bookings up 46% from 2019 levels and destinations such as the Maldives 78%, Seychelles 275% and Egypt 216% ahead.

In some of the mentioned above, such as the Seychelles, the Maldives and Cyprus, Russian arrivals account for a large proportion of all international arrivals. so the collapse of Russian tourism will have detrimental consequences for their tourism-dependent economies. Currently, the worst affected countries are Armenia, which is dependent on Russia for 47% of visitors, Azerbaijan for 44%, for 34%, for 18%, Seychelles for 16%, Maldives for 15% and Cyprus for 13%.

Before the war broke out, the twenty most Russian tourist destinations in March, April and May were Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Thailand, Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, Armenia, Seychelles, , Hungary, Bulgaria, Mexico, , USA, Azerbaijan. , Great Britain, , Italy and Uzbekistan.

The Russian attack will cause spikes in flight cancellations

Simultaneously with the collapse of international air traffic, the strong recovery in domestic air traffic came to an immediate halt. Reservations for domestic flights in Russia for March, April and May were 25% above pre-pandemic levels until 23 February. However, new bookings decreased by 77% on a weekly basis.

Olivier PontiVP Insights, ForwardKeys, said: “The outbreak of war will always have a huge detrimental effect on the tourism industry; and we see it here, in the mass cancellations of flights to and from Russia. Russia’s tourism has begun to recover from the pandemic; The current data do not yet include the effects of sanctions, which inevitably exacerbates the picture. human suffering. “

Source: ForwardKeys

Source: The Nordic Page

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