The statement of the US ambassador about the Russian attack causes confusion in Finland

The Ambassador to the , Linda Thomas-Greenfieldtold Russia at an emergency session of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday that Russia had threatened to attack and Sweden.

"President Putin continues to escalate – putting Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert and threatening to attack Finland and Sweden. At every stage of the war, Russia has betrayed the United Nations," Thomas-Greenfield said.

His reference to Finland and Sweden has raised questions in both countries about exactly what the ambassador is referring to.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has threatened " consequences" if Finland and Sweden applied for membership in the military , but there was no direct threat of attack.

The State Department clarified Thomas-Greenfield’s comments, saying he did not refer directly to any attack. Instead, he emphasized the seriousness of the situation, the ministry said, using harsher language than is commonly used in Finland.

"The United States uses stronger rhetoric. This is aid from Finland and Sweden," Petra Seriesthe ministry’s communications director told .

A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry last week Maria Zaharova said Russia would react to all NATO attempts to join Finland and Sweden.

"It is clear that the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO, which is primarily a military bloc, would have serious military and political consequences that would require retaliation by our country." Zaharova said.

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Ministry: No information is available on Russia’s letter

According to the Russian station, the Finnish Foreign Ministry added that it was not aware of any letter from Russia. Eho Moskvy – which called on Finland and Sweden to give assurances to the Russian that they would not join NATO in the future.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not aware of this letter," The series said.

In early February, Russia sent a letter to several EU and NATO countries asking them to clarify whether they intended to honor their commitments. "not to strengthen their at the expense of the safety of others."

Finland also received one of these letters.

According to Yle, Eho Moskvy has ceased operations on Thursday, March 3rd.

Editor-in-Chief of the station Alexei Venediktov wrote on Thursday via the Telegram message platform that radio broadcasts will stop and the station’s website will be shut down. The radio station has been one of the few pro-democracy media outlets in Russia.

Source: The Nordic Page

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