THL: Many Covid patients still need hospitalization, epidemic uncertain

According to the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), several patients are still treated in Finnish hospitals. Although rates have decreased, the number of patients has decreased only slightly.

A total of 316 patients were reported in the wards on Sunday, February 27, down from just seven a week earlier. However, THL points out that about two out of five of these patients required intensive care in non-Covid conditions.

Hospitals have also reported an increase in the number of coronavirus patients requiring intensive care. The number of patients in intensive care rose to 44 on Sunday from 38 the previous week.

In addition, in the second week of February, 36 patients needed intensive care, 11 more than in the previous week.

A significant number of coronavirus patients have also been reported in standard wards.

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The epidemic situation remains uncertain

According to THL’s press release, the current epidemic situation in is still uncertain, as it is difficult to predict the development of the virus. The estimated rate of disease spread, based on the number of cases in specialized wards, has not changed from last week.

Sewage samples across the country continue to show the prevalence of the virus.

THL monitors the presence of coronavirus in wastewater by measuring the amount of RNA, the genetic mass of the virus, from samples collected from treatment plants.

While samples from the cities of and showed a significant decrease in the amount of Covid residue, in other areas the RNA concentration either remained unchanged or had increased.

THL emphasizes that continue to provide effective protection against severe forms of the disease. The institute recommends that all adults receive a third dose, especially those over 60 years of age and those at risk.

People over 12 years of age with severe immunodeficiency are also advised to take the fourth vaccine.

Although coronavirus restrictions have been lifted, THL recommends that people continue to take measures such as wearing a mask, observing social distance and hand hygiene, and staying home when symptoms occur.

Director of the Institute Mika Salminen told Yle on Wednesday that the Covid-19 situation seems to be improving, but although the infection rates in southern Finland seem to be at their peak, the same cannot be said for the rest of the country.

Source: The Nordic Page

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