Thursday’s papers: Tourist cancellations, a bigger role for the EU, pandemic optimism

Tourism in is already aware of the effects of Russia’s military action against on tourism, the afternoon newspaper said Evening News write.

People have also made cancellations in cases where payments have already been made and there is no possibility of a refund, Santapark’s CEO Ilkka Länkinen told the newspaper.

"People are afraid to travel here because of this global situation," Länkinen said.

is not the only country that is affected. According to the tourism promotion organization VisitFinland, there is also a spike in cancellations in Hungary.

While Visit Finland’s Manager Kristiina Hietasaari understands that traveling to Eastern can seem daunting at the moment, he adds "it is quiet and safe and there is plenty of space here. There is no reason not to come to Finland or to be afraid of it."

The EU is playing an increasingly important role in influencing Finland’s decision-making

The nature of the European Union as an institution is changing in a way that will affect Finland, says the daily analysis Helsingin sanomat newspaper (HS) notes.

Ukraine’s sudden war has seen a more united union work "better than for a long time," something that has also been a surprise to the Kremlin, HS writes.

From harsh sanctions and arms sales to self-sufficiency and climate action, the EU’s time as a “” is coming to an end and receding into an era of heavier political entanglement.

"Finland has always followed a traditional, rule-based line and has been cautious about heavier political integration. Things were already starting to change with Brexit, because Britain was always opposed to political and economic integration, and with its departure, power relations have changed." Antti Ronkainen, A researcher in political economy from the University of told HS.

THL: Light at the end of the Covid Tunnel

Although the number of daily cases is still high, it is to be hoped that the worst of the pandemic is now behind us, tabloid Evening paper (IL) writes an interview with the Director of Health Security at the Department of Health and Welfare Mika Salminen.

"Our assessment is that the critical phase of the pandemic is now coming to an end. However, minor setbacks and new variations may occur," Salminen told IL and added that the virus will not go away completely, but is likely to become seasonal, like the flu.

Additional doses of the vaccine are also likely to be given in the same way as the flu injection. Vaccine coverage is important if there is a new wave in the fall, but should not be the only focus, according to the chief physician.

"We need to make sure we have enough experts to treat serious infections," he said and added it "last fall, we thought that given the spring situation, vaccines would be better able to curb the spread of infections, we were perhaps a little too optimistic."

Source: The Nordic Page

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