Danish women have the shortest waiting time in Europe to save enough up to a deposit

ONE new European report suggests that Danish women are almost on a par with their male counterparts in terms of earnings.

That Uswitch The report reveals that it would take the average Danish woman just seven months more than their male colleagues to save enough money to afford a deposit on their first property.

In , only Romania (116 days) and Belgium (164) could improve this.

A deposit of only three years
It is perhaps even more important that the study reveals that Danish women have the shortest waiting time in all of Europe: only three years.

The calculations are based on the smallest possible deposit required for a property purchase, which in is surprisingly affordable at 15,534 euros – the fourth cheapest after (bottom of 6,936), Latvia and Portugal.

In 167,064 euros are needed, and in : 74,070 euros. In , France, Slovenia and , deposits of over 40,000 euros are needed.

Surprisingly, the figure is only 19,218 euros in the United Kingdom, a country where perceptions are often clouded by the cost of getting on the property ladder in London.

Ireland and the UK in the top ten
With an average net income of 5,056 euros per year, Danish women are in seventh place after Switzerland (15,315), Germany, the , Norway, and Belgium.

Bulgaria (4), Belgium (4), The Netherlands (5), Finland (6), Germany (6), Latvia (6), Austria (7), Ireland (6), completed the top ten for the shortest time that was needed to save. 8) and the United Kingdom (9).

The bottom five, in order of precedence, were Poland (49 years), (18), Slovenia (15), Italy (14) and Norway (13).

Source: The Nordic Page

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