Tampere court condemned climate protesters, overturned fines

The District Court has found 12 activists guilty of disobedience to the police, but has rejected the ’s claim for fines.

The allegations relate to a demonstration last August Elokapina a climate agency that blocked in the Hämeenpuisto area of ​​. Elokapina is the branch of ’s environmental group.

The 12 defendants were part of a larger group that sat on the street and prevented from moving on of the city’s main roads. Police ordered the protesters to move, but some disobeyed the order and the police arrested them – leading to charges of disobedience.

The prosecutor had asked the court to impose 10 earnings-related daily fines on each of the accused, but the court found that such a punishment was not appropriate because the police had already deprived them of their liberty by detaining them. prolonged .

The court will later hear charges against two other protesters in connection with the same protest.

In a press release, the Elokapina group said it would continue to defend the right to protest without the threat of criminal sanctions.

The judgment in the case is not final, so it can be appealed to the Court of Appeal.

Source: The Nordic Page




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