Police: It takes weeks to clear a passport congestion

According to the board, the number of applications has increased in recent weeks.

Passport application deadlines are congested at police stations across the country, the National Police Board told on Sunday.

Those wishing to renew their passport will have to wait weeks for a face-to-face meeting.

People can also renew their passports by to the police station. However, this has led to long queues inside and outside some stations.

The police station in reported on the matter this week "unprecedented" queues, as the unit saw 800 people daily who wanted their new passports on the spot. Waiting times were extended to two hours, and some had to wait their turn outside the station.

The cities of and have also reported an explosion in passport applications.

People whose passports or ID cards have expired more than a year ago must book a personal visit to the police station to recover their fingerprints.

In , about 250,000 adults and 138,000 minors did not have a valid passport at the beginning of February.

Source: The Nordic Page




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