The situation in the fighting, “London degree” is being challenged, the EU is fundamentally changing

Hour :

  • The situation in the war Sunday morning, including from the outskirts of .

  • The cultural city of has become the center of flight from the war

  • ’s network, this is what it looks like

  • degree” in focus when Britain cuts back on Russian investment

  • Chronicle by Nina Wormbs

  • The panels

    Two hours:

  • The EU is changing fundamentally, and at record speed

  • The UN’s report calls for rapid efforts to adapt society to .

  • Satire with Public Service

  • and , the relationship is affected by the boycott of

  • Paralympics: showcase for parasport

  • Kåseri by Helena von Zweigbergk

    Host Jesper Lindau

    Producer Nina Benner


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