Denmark has two of the world’s top 30 hospitals – ranking

has two of the 30 best hospitals in the , according to an annual ranking based on expert opinions prepared by and Statista.

In the lead, Hospital was in 19th place with Copenhagen’s very own in 26th place.

The ranking was quite extensive, assessing 2,200 hospitals in 27 , 21 of which had at least one hospital in the top 150.

Denmark finished in fourth place, when Odense University Hospital and Hospital did enough to be in 95th and 110th place respectively.

Occurs in the pandemic
The results reflect to some extent the efforts of hospitals around the world to deal with the pandemic.

Many hospital representatives told Newsweek how COVID-19 had forced them to dig into their physical and mental reserves: “improvisation on the go” was how it was expressed.

“What has set the world’s leading hospitals apart is their continued ability to deliver the highest quality patient care and conduct critical medical research, even as they focused on combating COVID,” the rankings praised.

“As the fourth annual ranking of the world’s best hospitals by Newsweek and Statista shows, consistency in expertise is characteristic of these institutions, with well-known names dominating the list and the top rankings.”

American hospitals dominate
US hospitals accounted for the top three places: Mayo Clinic – Rochester (Minnesota), The Cleveland Clinic (Ohio) and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

In total, the United States had 33 hospitals in the top 150, well ahead of the second best country: with 14. Charity University Medicine Berlinranked fifth, was the best hospital in .

Italy and had 10 each. AP-HP Pitié Salpêtrière University Hospital was France’s top hospital at seventh, while Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden, the Nordic region’s top priests were in eighth place.

Sheba Medical Centerin 10th place, was the best performing outside of Europe and North America, and the best performing country with eight of the top 150.

Source: The Nordic Page

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