Finland outlines plans to increase defense co-operation after the meetings between the United States and Sweden

“[The long-standing co-operation in the sector of defence and security policy] will be further developed, ”he commented at the Finnish Embassy in Washington. “Without now organizing all the proposals and initiatives to be discussed, we will embark on a clear process to increase defense and security cooperation.”

has clearly pushed towards close co-operation with the United States,” said.

The meeting, he also revealed, made it “very clear” that ’s open door policy continues and that the United States appreciates it. “There is no doubt as to whether [membership] Finland meets the criteria. “

Niinistö said nothing unequivocally about the possibility of joining the Defense League or launching an accelerated accession process. He considered that even an accelerated process would require ratification by all member states and would thus depend on the unique parliamentary procedures of each Member State.

“It could be hard to influence if this approach were used.”

On Friday, Niinistö and Biden primarily discussed the security situation in Finland, the Nordic and Europe after the presidential invasion of . is Russia. Niinistö admitted that there are not many new ways to resolve the conflict.

“Russia’s invasion has, in fact, led to a united Europe and a further intensification of the transatlantic relationship,” he said. “This [sense of working toward a common ] the West has probably also surprised Putin.

Elsewhere, the of Finland (SDP) and the Prime Minister of Sweden Magdalena Andersson announced that the countries will increase their cooperation in the field of defense policy.

– Close co-operation with Finland makes us stronger in this very unusual situation, Andersson said at a joint press conference in on Saturday. “Our countries are not under direct threat,” Marin added, “but it is clear that we need to look at our security together, share our analysis and intensify our cooperation.”

Evening newspaper on Saturday wroteciting unmentioned sources, the two countries are seeking to establish themselves as so-called important non-NATO allies in the eyes of the United States.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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