Finnish firefighters donate equipment to Ukrainian colleagues

In less than a week, 85 donors from across the country have taken part in a fundraiser in organized by the Central Organization for Rescue Services (SPEK).

The Ukrainian rescue service had sent a list of their needs, and the rescue services have sent what they could.

Petri JaatinenThe head of the Spek department said he had received 700 helmets, 600 fire suits, 33 chainsaws, 30 answering modems, 8 motorized sprayers and 4 heaters.

The fire brigade used its existing networks to make donations and purchase goods, such as new chainsaws, for shipment to Ukraine.

According to Jaatinen, the initiative for the donation campaign came from active members of the fire brigade. Most of the donations have come from Finnish fire brigades, but and a few rescue services are also involved.

Next, Finnish rescue personnel plan to send larger , including , to their colleagues .

Assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism

Spek knows what is needed and how to get it, and that is the key to successful aid delivery.

"The logistical clutter is quite, so you shouldn’t send anything that hasn’t already been requested. The latest list also includes a huge variety of supplies, including 70,000 chemical protective suits for which they have expressed an acute need," Jaatinen said.

Assistance is delivered through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. According to Jaatinen, this ensures that the help goes to the right people.

“The first shipment of supplies has already arrived and many other donations have been made, and several shipments of supplies have been sent to Polish collection points through this mechanism. From the collection points, they will be transported to Ukraine in the required order of priority,” Jaatinen explained.

Jaatinen said he assumed that the need for help would remain the same.

"In such situations, they must recruit civilians for rescue assistance. This is not usually prepared for, so the collection is now particularly important in the daily lives of ," he told .

Source: The Nordic Page

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