Russia is appealing against FIFA, UEFA’s ban from football competition

The Russian Football Federation (RFU) has appealed against and UEFA’s bans on their football teams.

The governing body of football suspended from competition on February 28 after the country’s invasion of .

“RFU will demand the restoration of all Russian men’s and women’s national teams in all types of football in the tournaments they participated in (including the qualifying round for the Cup in ), as well as compensation for injury,” RFU said last week.

“To ensure the possibility of Russian teams participating in the upcoming scheduled matches, RFU will insist on an expedited procedure to deal with the matter.”

The Arbitration Court said that a decision on the appeal may come within the next few days.

Russia’s men’s national team had a planned World Cup qualifier against Poland on March 24. Poland has refused to play.

The winner of the match would play against either or the , both of which have refused to play against Russia.

Polish, Swedish and Czech football federations and federations from other nations will participate in the appeal process.

A large number of sports organizations have taken measures to ban or restrict the participation of Russian athletes.

Some information in this report comes from the and .

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