This is how the pandemic has prepared us for the new threats

What insights, experiences and behaviors do we take with us until the subsides? And has the pandemic taught us anything valuable before the next , the war in ?

For two years we have learned to keep our distance, avoid hugs and handshakes, and we do not like to be crowded. Some behaviors are likely to survive, say researchers Andreas Olsson at Karolinska Institutet in and Daniel Västfjäll at University. The experiences from the pandemic also seem to have made a deeper impression in how many people handle and understand complex problems, says psychologist, author and researcher Kristina Elfhag. And the musician and comedian Jacke Sjödin states that humor is a good coping strategy – within certain limits.

Participants: Andreas Olsson, Professor at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet, Department of Psychology; Daniel Västfjäll, Professor of Cognitive Psychology at ; Kristina Elfhag, psychologist, author and researcher affiliated with Karolinska Institutet Solna; Jacke Sjödin, musician and comedian

Music in the program:
Toilet paper / Jacke Sjödin
/ Jacke Sjödin
No mutations / Jacke Sjödin
Hobby epidemiologists / Jacke Sjödin

Reporter: Ylva Carlqvist Warnborg

Producer: Björn Gunér
[email protected]


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