Democracies invest more in health care than dictatorships: ifo Institute

This effect is also visible after the change of within the country. “As the government shifts from dictatorship to , government care spending will increase by about 15-20 percent. On the contrary, costs are falling significantly, ”says Dorn. The change in public health spending will become apparent shortly after the change of administration. This correlation is not evident when it comes to private health care expenditure for the public.

“Democracies not only invest more, they also have better quality health care. Promoting democratic structures and institutions seems to be a key factor in strengthening the of health systems, ”says Dorn. He adds that democratic governments are more interested in the health and well-being of their people than dictatorships. As a result, they are investing more in public health care and are willing to reduce inequalities in access to good health services.

The study was based on data from the (WHO) covering public and private health expenditure in 151 between 2000 and 2015. The data used made it possible to examine the impact of policy systems on health expenditure, both within and between countries.

Source: Institute

Source: The Nordic Page

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