Reserves are rushing to clarify crisis tasks

Over the past week, reservists and other members of the public have increasingly turned to the Defense Forces’ hotlines to inquire about how they can or may be involved in national defense in a situation.

Among other things, PDF’s Häme Regional reports that contact services have at times been congested with calls and e-mails in recent days.

"Typically, these surveys come in a few or not every day. Now there are several dozen of them a day," lieutenant colonel Kai NaumanenThe director of the Häme regional office told .

According to Naumanen, these larger numbers of intelligence began to arrive at the regional office at an accelerating pace a few days after launched an attack on .

Only in person

Every reservist has a wartime mission, but this information is not available by phone or email.

"The only way to find out is to come to the regional office’s service point from which the person can be identified," explains Kai Naumanen.

In addition to assignment inquiries, the offices also process notifications of changes in status that may lead to the reclassification of a service station.

According to Naumanen, there have also been several inquiries from conscripts or those who have been elected to civilian service about possible crisis tasks.

Lieutenant Colonel Naumanen recommended that before contacting FDF service points, anyone with any questions should first read FAQ on the agency’s website, which answers most questions.

Source: The Nordic Page




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