The Russian embassy in Norway will be located on Ukraine’s site in Oslo

The part of the street outside the Russian embassy in will be called “’s Square”. The city council changed the name of the street as a protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Today, the city council in Frogner in Oslo voted to give a new name to Drammensveien, where the Russian embassy is located.

The committee decided that the whole street will not be renamed, but the area near the embassy will be named as “Ukraine’s place”, writes NRK.

It was the that proposed the name change. Later, the Conservatives supported the idea.

The Liberal Party’s Tore Walaker pointed out the historical connection between Oslo and .

– We are in a city where the founder Harald Hårdråde picked up his wife Ellisiv in Kyiv, so the ties between Oslo and Kyiv are clear. We mark them today, by naming a place outside the Russian embassy, ​​as the place of Ukraine, he said.

The proposal was inspired by . It was proposed to rename the street where the Russian embassy is located on Ukrainagade.

Ukrainian Heroes Street

Denmark is not the only country where name change is being discussed.

In the Lithuanian capital , Mayor Remigijus Šimašius wants to rename the street “Ukrainian Heroes Street”.

According to Morning, the is discussing whether to change the street name at the Russian embassy to “Heroes of Ukraine”.

and are also considering changing the street name where the Russian embassies are located.


Source: The Nordic Page




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