APN podcast: Finland is facing a changed world

As Russia’s war against Ukraine approaches for the third week, the All Points North podcast analyzes the response of Finnish society to the .

APN is visiting the extradition center in , as the aid organizations say they have received "unprecedented" the level of donations after the deadly attack on Russia.

"People bring everything from food to insanely expensive goods like drones," donation coordinator and Ukrainian citizen Vitali Zabolotskyy told APN.

"They are just giving it away and participating in the defense of Ukraine. And it’s just amazing, the support is honestly superior."

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risks and benefits

Finland’s political leaders have also had a very active week, with more and more calls being made to Finland to apply for membership of the NATO military alliance.

In the last week, President visited a colleague from the United States Joe Biden In Washington DC as Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP) met with the In before the trip to Tallinn to discuss with the Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.

When the question of Finland’s possible application to NATO is at the top of the agenda of the meeting, Eoin McNamaraA security expert from the told APN that while the security benefits of membership in a military alliance are obvious, there are also risks.

"Russia would have the opportunity to try to intimidate Finland and complicate Finnish life, to try to destabilize Finnish society in various ways as a punishment for NATO membership, which Russia would definitely oppose." McNamara said.

Rising energy costs

In this week’s section, we will also continue our spring series, which examines the cost of living in Finland, and this time in the spotlight on rising energy prices.

Although consumers do not yet fully see the consequences, that may soon change Minna KuusistoSenior Financial Analyst at .

"These general increases in the prices of both energy and other goods and commodities mean that we all have less disposable income for other consumption. So it weighs on our standard of living here in Finland," Kuusisto said.

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