Finnair reports GPS interference near Kaliningrad

Finnair pilots have reported GPS interference around , reports.

Finnair flies over ’s Baltic Sea region on many European and Asian routes. GPS interference has also been detected near the eastern border of , and ten pilots reported similar incidents this week.

Flights by the Lithuanian Transaviabaltika have been prevented from landing in because there are no alternative navigation devices at the regional airport.

Flights to Savonlinna were suspended

"Our plane flew from to Savonlinna on Sunday night," said an airline representative Jyri Koponen. "It was able to get around when the GPS signal suddenly disappeared. At first I suspected there was something wrong with the device. The machine turned around according to normal practice when the fault was detected. When it arrived back in the metropolitan area, all the signals were working well again."

The airline tried to fly the route again with another plane that suffered the same failure. They have not tried to get to Savonlinna anymore.

According to the municipal authorities, flights between Savonlinna and Helsinki will also be suspended at least until the beginning of next week.

In 2018, Finland requested information from Russia on flight GPS interference in Finnish Lapland during military exercises in northern Finland and Norway. later stated that Finland had not provided evidence.

Source: The Nordic Page

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