Copenhagen ranked as the world’s sixth most cultural city

dominates a list of the world’s most cultivated cities compiled by Uswitch it places Copenhagen in sixth place, making it a leader in the Nordic region.

A survey looked at 69 of the ’s leading cities, and Europe accounted for the entire top 15.

, landmarks and more
The survey took into account the number of museums, landmarks, theaters and cultural tours for every 100,000 inhabitants.

With 1.7 tours per 100,000 people and 3.5 museums, Copenhagen could achieve a score of 8.56 out of 10.

applauded Copenhagen as a city where it is impossible to have a boring day.

At the top of the list
Prague topped the rankings with a score of 9.85 – a testament to its 200 historic parks and 15 landmarks per square foot. 100,000 inhabitants.

(9.81), (9.48), Rome (9.26) and Munich (8.6) finished in the top five. And after Copenhagen in sixth place, , , and finished in the top ten.

No other Nordic city reached the top 15.

Source: The Nordic Page




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