In Finland, sales of munitions are growing

The war in has led to a sharp increase in sales of military and camping equipment in .

Army and outdoor specialty store Varusteleka has reported several tens of percent sales spikes, and bulletproof vests and helmets are already sold out.

"We now sell more than Christmas, which is definitely the sales season. February to March is usually the quietest . This has surprised us," Elina HämeEquipment Director, said.

Sales of first aid kits, backpack food and rations, combat gear such as bulletproof vests and body armor, and camping and outdoor clothing have grown the most.

"For example, sales of first aid supplies are growing by thousands of percent," Häme added.

The outdoor trade patrol has also sold a record number of ready-made supplies.

Camping ovens, sleeping bags, water purifiers and tablets, backpack food and first aid kits are currently the most popular items. Nina EhrnroothCEO of the Patrol.

Sales of some products have grown by more than one hundred percent, and the numbers have more than doubled. Customers are said to have purchased an exceptional amount of water treatment equipment and tablets.

"Sales of these products have grown by as much as 8,000 percent. But we need to keep in mind that sales of water treatment products are generally relatively low," Ehrnrooth pointed out.

There is a shortage of bulletproof vests

The patrol said it was preparing for an increase in demand for certain products in the near future, but had not expected such a large increase in sales. However, no products have been sold out of the store yet.

"Availability will certainly decline if this pace continues, but we have managed to fill any potential product shortages so far," Ehrnrooth stated.

Varusteleka also confirmed that the products are still widely available; however, the shortage of bulletproof vests and armor plates is likely to continue in the near future.

"We’ll get a few more songs, but I don’t know what the schedule will be like. I think the vests are distributed according to the customer’s reservations," Häme explained.

Some of the purchases have reportedly been used to help .

"The store has been visited by people who have said they are traveling to Ukraine or arranging donations to be sent there," Häme said and added that the purchase of military and camping equipment can also enhance in Finland and help households better prepare for disasters.

According to Varusteleka, sales have also increased in other than Finland. The trade currently operates in about a hundred countries, but does not supply products directly to countries where armed conflicts are ongoing.

"We are unable to supply Ukraine due to supply chain disruptions and will not our products to . It is quite obvious" Häme stated.

Source: The Nordic Page

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