Smartwatch users report GPS interference in Finland

Polar, a Finnish manufacturer of sports training equipment, has received numerous reports of GPS problems from users of its smart watches.

Last week a smart watch user Teija Larikka went skiing near his home in Kajaani in eastern , but his Polar smartwatch said he had skied hundreds of kilometers further east, near Lake Laatokaj in northwestern Russia.

Polar said it received dozens of similar accounts last week, but the director Justin Chacona told that the company is not currently aware of the causes of the problems reported by users.

Interference with the GPS service of aircraft has also been recorded. Service disruptions in Eastern and Central Finland have caused problems in air traffic, which has caused problems in the attempt to land some aircraft. Much of the air traffic is dependent on GPS, as many old towers have been demolished.

Reader Laura Ruotsalainen The Department of at the told that the disruptions were probably caused by the Russian state.

Kimmo HalunenProfessor of Cyber ​​ at the and the National Defense University, added that recent GPS disturbance reports are an indication of the current weaknesses of Finland’s digital systems.

Halunen said that interfering with the signal is relatively easy and cheap, but requires solid hardware, and added that GPS interference should not cause cyber security problems for private .

The Finnish and Communications Agency Traficom announced on Twitter on Wednesday night that GPS problems are still being reported in northern Finland.

Source: The Nordic Page

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