Sven Hirdman – about Russia, the war and diplomacy

In Swedish ’s Sunday interview, you meet the person behind the public in journalism’s most basic form – the interview.

The host is Martin Wicklin.

Producer: Hannah Engberg.

Contact: [email protected]

About Sven Hirdman

’s ambassador to 1994–2004, but diplomat Sven Hirdman has also worked in , and . He has been head of the Armaments Inspectorate (1987–1994) and State Secretary at the Ministry of Defense during the bourgeois rule 1987–1994. In 2015, he released the book and Swedish policy – 50 years in foreign policy service.

Sven Hirdman was born in 1939 and has a wife and three children. He is the brother of Professor Yvonne Hirdman and their grandparents were the movement’s Gunnar and Maj Hirdman.





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