The Finnish football captain gives home to a fleeing Ukrainian family

Former captain Tim Sparv has handed over his apartment to a Ukrainian family fleeing the war in his home town of on the west coast.

Sparv, currently living in the , offered accommodation to anyone in need shortly after invaded Ukraine on 24 February. A Ukrainian living in Vaasa asked Sparv for help a few days ago after picking up a relative from the Polish-Ukrainian border.

A Ukrainian mother and her two sons now live in an apartment.

"They are really happy and also really happy to help in this way," Sparv told and added that he is looking forward to seeing the family when he arrives in Vaasa.

"I will continue to try to help the family – in any way, let’s see. First we meet, talk and get to know each other. Who knows what has happened and what they have experienced. It’s not easy to move out of the house," he said.

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Football is also on the agenda

Sparv said he doesn’t mind a limit for using the family’s apartment and is willing to linger for a long time because he doesn’t want to cause stress to the family.

"The main thing is that they can be safe in Vaasa and live with me and build their own home there," he said.

In addition, if the boys are interested in football, he plans to look for a club for them in Vaasa.

Sparv said he has already heard that many teams are willing to welcome boys to the rehearsals if they are interested in the sport.

"They will enjoy life and make new friends after this ," he said and added that he plans to play football with them himself.

The Sparv family has also donated , participated in protests and actively spoke on social media, calling on people to help people fleeing the war. He pointed out that others are doing the same.

"It warms the heart. Let’s continue with the same pattern, because the war is not over yet and there is a lot of need for housing," he said.

Source: The Nordic Page




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