Putin Prizes and Anders Borg’s love life

A new word used by some of our ministers this week is Putin prices, when they talked about the reasons for the high fuel prices. But the has a contract with Magdalena prices or sauce prices. We’re sorting out what it’s about.

Much of the reporting has lately been about the war in , which has meant that much of Sweden’s domestic policy has fallen under the radar. Our domestic political reporter Lova Olsson is aware of the bills and decisions that are not included in the reporting. For example, the punishment for those who buy may be increased to imprisonment, and not fines as the punishment often is today.

Many of the listeners’ questions this week were about . We get to know why Sweden did not join before the war and what arguments the parties had.

What happens when go from being restrictive about their privacy to opening up very much when they are no longer in ? Most recently, the former Minister of Finance Anders Borg, who openly tells heartily about his love life.

David Druid and Katherine in political talk show.

In the new podcast you meet David Druid and Katherine Zimmerman who were previously colleagues in Morgonpasset in P3. The talk show is their reunion. In the podcast, we also hear Ekot’s political reporter Lova Olsson and the satirist Moa Wallin from Tankesmedjan in P3.

Producer: Sukran

Digital editor: Petrina Hinas


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