Ukrainian fighting spirit, NATO membership and what do political hits have to do with it?


  • Correspondent in Ukraine about the current situation and talks with expert Gudrun Persson, researcher at FOI

  • Where does the Ukrainian will to fight come from? Report by correspondent Maria Persson Lövgren

  • The war against Ukraine has fundamentally shaken ’s relationship with Russia. Reporter Nina Benner takes the tempo of the discussion in the neighboring country

  • The is not over. On the African continent, only 15 percent have been vaccinated. But now something is happening in production. Report by global health correspondent Sara Heyman

    Time 2

  • The issue of membership has suddenly been high on the agenda. What would happen in concrete terms if became a member? Reporter: Katarina von Arndt

  • Hungarian Victor Orban has always kept his country close to Russia and clashed with the EU. Now he has turned, but how much and for how long?

  • It is now clear who will represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest. How much politics is woven into the music, when European compete with each other. Where does go, is discussed by our culture panel

    Host: Helene Benno
    Producer: Luise Steinberger


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