Bulgaria has been named the best country for new parents, the index study shows

Bulgaria has been named the best country for new parents, the index study shows

A new study made by Restart SEO Agency has revealed some surprising results that reveal the best and worst countries in Europe for women to work – highlighting where it is best to be a parent.

To examine, maternity leave benefits were extracted for each European country, taking into account number of offered weeks and multiplied by the maternity leave rate.

In parallel, the Reboot SEO Agency evaluated other factors that contribute to women’s success in the workplace and created a points-based index.

An overview of the most important results for maternity leave:

Bulgaria is the best European country for women at work to take advantage of the best maternity leave package, with maximum points (100 points out of 100 possible) Croatia is the 2nd best European country for women workers in terms of maternity leave benefits, with 96.7 / 100 Luxembourg, Poland and Estonia is all in 5th place with 80 points out of 100 , the Netherlands and came in a split 10th place (56.7 points)

The best European country for maternity leave

Bulgaria is the best country for working women in Europe when it comes to maternity leave with a huge sum of 100 points out of 100 possible. According to female workers in Bulgaria, they are entitled to up to 58.6 weeks’ maternity leave in a step-by-step approach. This leave is financed with almost full pay and covers 90% of the employee’s salary through social insurance.

Croatia comes in second place and gets 96.7 out of 100, very close to Bulgaria. states that Croatia offers generous 30 weeks, usually starting 28 days before birth and lasting until the baby is six months old. Additional parental leave is available when the child is six months old, as needed. Employees in Croatia receive 100% of their normal salary, with few exceptions for irregular workers whose typical salary is not easy to determine.

Included in the top 10 European countries for maternity leave are:

3rd place – (93.3 points)

4th – Norway (190 points)

5th place – Luxembourg, Poland, Estonia (80 points)

6th place – Lithuania (76.7 points)

7th place – (73.3 points)

8th place – Czech Republic (70 points)

9th place – (66.7 points)

10th place – Austria, the Netherlands and Spain (56.7 points)

The best European country for women to work overall

Lithuania is the best country for working women in Europe with a total of 220.1 points out of 300 possible. It is not surprising that Lithuanian women thrive in the workplace, as data show that the country is one of 10 nations offering the best maternity leave (76.7 out of 100). In terms of economic opportunities, Lithuanian women are doing extremely well, and are in third place with Finland and (86.7 / 100). Despite this progress, Lithuania ended up in the middle of the table (14th place) for women in leadership roles, with 56.7 / 100, which tells us that there is still work to be done here.

Which is the country that has the least opportunities for women to work overall

In last place is Turkeywho received 66.7 points out of 300 possible. Despite its poor performance, the country has surprisingly earned more points for women in leadership (46.7 / 100) than countries traditionally known to be equal, such as Croatia (23.3 points) and Austria (3.3 points).

Naomi Aharony, CEO and co-founder of Reboot SEO Agency has provided some comments on the results of the study and women in the workplace:

“The overall results indicate that there is some progress on gender equality in the workplace in Europe. Lithuania, Finland and Bulgaria were ranked high, indicating that some improvements are being made. Although the disappointing position of rich countries such as and confirms that Progress towards gender equality is still slow in Europe.

While it is good to see some progress, women still face many challenges in terms of gender equality in the workplace, which not only involve the pay gap, lack of leadership representation, incentives and work-life balance. The prevailing circumstances surrounding the covid-19 pandemic have undoubtedly intensified these challenges, with working mothers taking the bulk of the consequences. “

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