KFC protesters complain about the arrest to the Parliamentary Ombudsman

Three vegan activists arrested by after suspending the opening of ’s first Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) store in eastern last November have complained to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

Late last fall, KFC had promised to offer the first new outlet chicken in the queue for free for a year, prompting of the protesters to queue up outside the facility under the guise of demanding free meals.

When the fast opened its doors on the morning of November 11, a man who identified himself Benjamin began to utter a speech that focused on rather than the merits of free chicken.

As he read his speech, the other two stood beside Benjamin, but soon after, the guards pulled the trio out of the restaurant entrance in the middle of the crowd.

Police arrested the protesters and released them a few hours later.

At the , the trio said they were part of a protest group called "Viral vegans."

Now, just over five months later, a complaint was lodged with the Parliamentary Ombudsman on behalf of activists alleging that there was no legal basis for their removal and detention, adding that police did not listen to the activists during the incident.

Source: The Nordic Page




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