Niinistö stressed the need for an immediate ceasefire in his talks with Putin

Niinistö estimates that the catastrophe caused by the war and the deep human suffering will escalate after the third week of war, noting that this will affect opinions in the West. He also drew attention to the of Ukraine’s plants.

Russian forces have fired and taken control of two nuclear facilities during an attack on Ukraine, a matter of concern to the International Atomic Agency (IAEA). has similarly undermined attempts to evacuate civilians through humanitarian corridors by neglecting their respect or imposing cynical conditions on them, namely, that they will lead to either Russia or .

Organization on said The war has affected some 18 million people, of whom 6.7 million have been displaced and nearly 3 million have fled the country.

Niinistö also told Putin about his previous conversation with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskywhich conveys Zelensky’s willingness to have direct talks with Putin.

The Kremlin has also stopped press release About the telephone conversation between Niinistö and Putin. According to it, the Russian president explained in detail the reasons and objectives of the original military operation he had launched to “defend” Donbass and informed the respondent about the ongoing negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

The Kremlin noted that the heads of state paid special attention to humanitarian issues, measures to ensure the of civilians, and issues related to the construction of humanitarian corridors.

According to the press release, Finland and Russia will continue discussions on the war in Ukraine.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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