Paralympic historians welcome back to Finland

The Paralympic team returned to on Tuesday after making history at the Winter Paralympics.

Finland won its first medal in history in skiing Santeri Kiiveri won gold in the grand slalom. The helmet also grabbed silver while standing in a super combination.

When he arrived at on Tuesday, he was delighted with his performance, but never thought he would return with two medals. .

"Maybe better like this," said Helmet, who refused to share his future plans.

"Everyone asks if" said Helmet. "This has been such a big project for four years that I have focused on this. I haven’t even thought about my next workout. I discussed it with my coach a couple of days ago."

Snowboarder Matti Suur-Hamari was also on a plane returning from . He won gold in the snowboard cross and silver in the slalom and said he was tired but happy.

"It was a long journey, more than 30 hours," said Greater Hamar, adding that he was going to go home to eat salad and take a nap. "Now there is sleep in my eyes."

The snowboarder also declined to say much about whether he would continue his athletic career.

"First, the medals are celebrated. It’s to think about the sequel later. I’ll talk about it when it’s time."

All in all, Finland won four medals in the games, which was quite a for a team of only six athletes.

Minister of Antti Kaikkonen (Cen) was on hand to greet the team as they arrived home.

"You have exceeded the expectations of the Finnish audience," said Kaikkonen. "We are a medal-hungry nation. Special congratulations to Matt and Santer on the medals."

Source: The Nordic Page




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