Wednesday’s newspapers: Visit to the United Kingdom, petition on biodiversity and nuclear hope

Most newspapers report on the president a visit to the UK, full of security-related events and meetings.

He participated in the meeting of the Joint Expeditionary Force of the Nordic-Baltic Security Coalition led by the United Kingdom.

Alongside its Ilta-Sanomat reports that he also met Prince Charlesembeds a tweet in which Niinistö claimed to have had “substantive” conversations with Niinistö.

Evening newspaper too reports in an interview with the president to a CNN presenter Christiane Amanpour.

The paper leads with Putin’s signature along with his latest call Vladimir Putinwhich ended with the Russian leader saying “I am reachable”.

Niinistö said it could be a tactic that seems open to discussion, but he also seemed eager to discuss and might want to contact Western leaders.

The great invitation he would like, according to Niinistö, is the . He said it could happen “in the near future.”

Watch out for beetles

newspaper Editorial Against the plantations that dominate the Finnish countryside, which shows one concrete threat from this limited ecosystem.

Spruce bark beetles are a healthy part of a normal forest with a wide variety of tree species and dead tree trunks in the country provide natural homes for abundant beetle predators.

In crops, the monoculture allows these small insects to run wild. There are only spruce trees in the spruce plantation, which is the perfect environment for beetles to crush their way through, killing the trees that make up their diet.

According to the newspaper, work is being done to protect biodiversity, but they must take into account the social and economic significance of forests in Finland.

to help

Finland’s mix has been in the news recently, as ’s attack on has raised questions about both the Rosatom-backed Fennovoima project and the of electricity from Russian power plants.

Financial magazine Kauppalehti propose in the editorial that this dependence could soon end, thanks in part to the Olkiluoto 3 reactor connected to the grid over the weekend.

The newspaper estimates that on Monday alone, imports from Russia amounted to about 3.7 million euros, which increased Russia’s hard foreign exchange reserves, as sanctions continue to isolate the country’s .

Source: The Nordic Page

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