Finland, Sweden to intensify security co-operation: Ministry of the Interior

The parties are considering strengthening bilateral cooperation in civilian , rescue, and coastguard operations, the statement reads.

“We face complex global challenges to our security. and are preparing for these challenges in close co-operation at both the political and public administration levels. In addition to changes in the security environment, the challenges include change and digitalisation vulnerabilities.

Johansson, for his part, said the two face different threats, including a deteriorating security situation in neighboring countries.

“Our societies face many different threats that we need to address. A has posed a challenge to both of our countries, and the climate is a global challenge. And now the security situation in our neighborhood is deteriorating,” Johansson was quoted as saying. as the same statement says.

The statement stated that after the recent security change, it has become increasingly important that co-operation between Finland and Sweden is “close, intensive and direct at all levels”.

During 2021, the countries have expanded their co-operation in matters related to civil preparedness in the European Union and , as well as in the field of joint exercises, statistics and research, the ministry added.

Source: / Sputnik

Source: The Nordic Page

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